Imagine Make Learn

About Us

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit makerspace next to Uptown that has been open since February 6th, 2016. We host events, offer classes, make tools available for use and provide spaces to work. The events and classes cover a variety of art, technology, and other topics. Many diverse members use our space, providing many opportunities for learning and collaboration.

Feel free to stop by any time during business hours to check out the space or see what we’ve been doing by looking at out our photos. Please note the shop space is restricted to those 18 or older and classroom/event space is limited to those 8 and older (accompanied by an adult). Many events set their own age minimum so please check the appropriate event postings.

Under the blazing sun by the blue rivers, we find the fun in failure and the courage in collaboration.

So what is a “makerspace”?

Makerspaces go by many names: makerspace, hackerspace, create space, hack lab, and probably more. They are collaborative community spaces available to the public for making, learning, and exploring. Every makerspace is different, each with their own focus and interests, but they variously provide spaces to work, instructional classes, and tools to make things. These tools range from items commonly found in toolboxes or home shops to bigger or more unique items not available to most.

These places exist all over the world and are inhabited by makers. Makers are anyone who creates things or helps others to do so, and do exist outside of makerspaces. Many are also believers in the DIY (Do It Yourself) ethos.

Mission and Core Values

Our mission is to facilitate the education and growth of artists, inventors, technologists, and hobbyists by providing the space, tools, safety and education to enable the creation of art, technology, business, culture, and community.

Our Core Values: